We deliver practical and enduring solutions that improve care delivery and outcomes for safety net members.


Our team of senior consultants cover a wide range of knowledge bases from strategic leadership to technology optimization to integration of specialty disciplines into a seamless delivery for the consumer/patient.


• Community health centers
• Hospitals and health care systems
• ACOs and MCOs
• State Departments of Public Health
• Primary Care Associations
• Elder services organizations


• Interorganizational alignment
• Strategic positioning
• Change management
• Technology optimization
• Operational effectiveness
• Process improvement



“Cupples Associates provided our MCO with a top to bottom rework of our operational processes that allowed for rapid membership expansion, greatly improving back office efficiency and returned our focus to the quality of services delivered to our members”

With decades of C-level community health and consulting experience, CACLLC provides the highest quality consulting services to improve care delivery and outcomes for safety net members by facilitating change from the ground up through:

  • Collaboration with all stakeholders, from front-line staff to C-suite leadership, to develop the best solutions.
  • Delivery of practical step-by-step plans that can be immediately implemented.
  • Establishment of enduring system, process, and people improvements that more effectively engage patients in their own care.


MassHealth Delivery System Reform Incentive (DSRIP) TA Vendor

CACLLC has been selected and has demonstrated ability to provide technical assistance for the following three domains under the MA DSRIP TA Program.

  • Domain 2. Care Coordination/Integration. CACLLC will work with your team to establish interorganizational alignment for effective ACO/CP and service integration, care coordination, and care team development.
  • Domain 6. Health Information Technology /Health Information Exchange. CACLLC will work with your team to help to ensure effective HIT/HIE utilization through EHR/technology optimization and establishment of data governance and risk management plans.
  • Domain 7. Performance Improvement. CACLLC will work with all staff – from front desk to senior management – to position the organization for success through strategic planning and positioning; process improvement for operational effectiveness; and change management for continuous quality improvement.